Saturday, January 29, 2011

Audrea's 1st Post!

The hardest part of this first post is knowing where to start.  I guess I will start with telling you a little about myself.  I'm 30 yrs old (yes, Michael's 10 yrs older! HAHA).  I'm a stay at home wife of Michael, and mom to Jonathan .  I'm from Alexander City,AL.  We moved to Nashville,TN in June 2009.  I LOVE it here!!  :)  I'm a Christ follower.  I LOVE all the awesome Christian music we have these days.  You will most likely see videos on a lot of my posts.  Recently we started the ministry that Michael mentioned.  It's a non profit called Love Feeds.  You will hear more about it in future posts.  Feel free to go to if you'd like to know more about it now. :)

What will my part of the blog be about you ask?? Well,it will be about many things.  Whatever God lays on my heart for that particular day.  You will hear some about my childhood, my time as a single mother and all the struggles that went along with it, my life now, and the hopes for the future.  I started to call this blog Broken Together, but it wasn't available. So, it came to mind, Mending Together.  God is mending us together and that is more important than all the brokeness we've both experienced.  He wants us to tell about the things we've been through and show how He heals and mends.  He wants to use it to show other broken people that He can heal and mend them.  No matter how broken your life may seem, it's NEVER too broken for God to mend it!! God will use us in many ways, for His Glory!  He is a mender of broken hearts and lives.  We will also talk about the mistakes we've made and how the grace of God covers them all with the blood of Jesus!  No sin is too great that He can't forgive and the blood of Jesus can't cover! 

So,here's a video for my first post.  It's a video about being more than all the mistakes and things in your life.  You are MORE thanks to Jesus!!


  1. Amen, love you girl, can't wait to hear about your journey with Christ

  2. thanks for the share, may Jesus Christ use your post for His purpose and His you much

  3. Thank you for reminding me that I am more, even when I feel like I am less. You and you husband are special, special people. We are all so imperfect, yet perfect in Him. Thank you for being my friend. You are a blessing to many people.

  4. I love testimonies!! I'm so looking forward to your future posts! Bless you and Michael for all that you have done not only to help Christie & George but for those all over that need help :)