Wednesday, February 9, 2011


  I said I was going to write a blog yesterday on my facebook. Guess what! I didn't follow through.  Audrea's leg is slowly but surely recovering.  She tries to get up and do things even tho I don't want her to.  She just ends up in a mess.  So, after doing a few chores, I just wanted to rest. Rest is so important in life. Most days I cheat myself out of rest or my job does it for me. We ordered pizza last night. I didn't even want to cook, or wash a dish.

     Today, I accomplished a lot. I changed our oil, oil filter, air filter, and I checked fluids in the car. I am finishing a load of laundry. I have cooked lunch for my family. I have prepared dinner. Also, I was able to run a few errands and salt the walkway to prepare for the snow storm.

     Originally, what I wanted to talk about was me. How hypocritical I can be at times. How selfish I am at times. How sometimes no one is more important to me then me.  I see and know how disgusting it looks. It is very unattractive. We all do it. I know. I see everyone at their worst. I say this because I serve at a restaurant. I see people walk in demanding that I pay attention to them and only them. Even if they came with 35 other people, all separate checks.

     I bring up my selfishness, because I was reminded of how sick we were when waiting on a party of Tennessee legislaters. I was expecting at least a show of fake dignity, and values. That is not what I got. What I witnessed was a bunch of selfish, hypocrites. Most had puffed chests, feathers, and were as rude as geese are to each other when someone comes to feed them at the park. I asked a few who they were, and where they represented. None of them even asked a question of me. They barked orders like I was some kind of slave. I laughed at their ignorance, recognizing they need prayer. Half drank alcohol.  I don't have a issue with their drinking or the amount they drank. They seemed a little reserved in that area. The ones who didn't, some of them were the rudest. None impressed me. They were Republicans, though I don't think any democrats would have impressed me much either.
     I was ready to judge these legislators and write them off.  That's when it occurred to me. How often do I act in some way that seems beneficial to the Gospel?  That's where I found forgiveness for them. Realizing that God has and does forgive me much as flawed as I am. That's when I saw I could choose to get mad and write the government off as bunch of Fat Cows or pray that they would see the light and turn from their wicked ways. It is amazing how much the brain processes in such a small window of time. All this went through my head in about 5 minutes and I just wanted to share it.
     Pray for our leaders,

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  1. You are a very good writer. This is a wonderful post. I often wonder is speaking about how God works in our own lives is self-seeking. I struggle with the balance between singing and having some humility, if what I say needs to be said. In most cases, I appreciate when anyone shares their experience, and here you did that quite nicely. I appreciate you and Audrea, very much.